The Freelance List is an online listing service for freelance events professionals. The dedicated service enables freelancers within the sector to promote their skills and connect with event organisers, agencies, event management and production companies, which have a need for freelance resource.

The Freelance List enables a freelance events professional to list (for a small fee) your skills and services online. The list can be viewed by organisers and agencies looking for freelance resource to work either within their own business or within a client’s. The Freelance List offers flexibility and gives freelancers a choice of three options – you can pay a monthly fee to be listed on The Freelance List, pay a bi-annual fee, giving you six months of exposure, or pay an annual fee, which enables organisers to search for your skills for a whole 12 months. Organisers have the ability to search The Freelance List, and if you have the skills they are looking for, can reach out to you by using the contact details listed in your profile. The organiser will liaise with you independently of The Freelance List. The Freelance List is not responsible for contract negotiations, nor payment if you undertake freelance work, as a result of using the site.

The Freelance List costs £15/per three months, £20/per six months and £36/per 12 months, exclusive of VAT.

Once you sign up to The Freelance List your account will show as “pending” and an invoice email will be sent to you containing payment details. Once we have received the payment, you will receive an email letting you know your account is active and you will be able to log on to the website. 

The Freelance List is a listing service that simply acts as an introductory platform between organisers and freelancers. We are not responsible for the amount of work freelancers find or organisers attain.

If you have forgotten your password, please visit the log in page, click “lost your password”, enter your email address and a recovery password will be sent to you.

To get in touch with The Freelance List team, email